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Deposits information of SOCIAL ISLAMI BANK LIMITED
NameKafela - Mudaraba Hajj Scheme
Category Hajj Deposit
Maturity Period

1 Year to 10 Years.

Maturity Amount


Initial Deposit





Hajj is a mandatory  religious duty for muslim people that must be carried out atleast once in a lif time. Religious muslims tends to perform Hajj when they gather financial ability. But they find it difficult to gather the required amount to perform as there is no such systematic way of saving the money. Kafela - Mudaraba Hajj Scheme will helps  muslim people to save money to perform Hajj in future.

This product is designed to help the Muslims of our country in performing one of their most important Farz "Hajj"

  • The scheme holders can save through monthly installment for a period of one to ten years as per their desired hajj time.
  • The beneficiaries shall be provided the stipulated amount on the basis of nominal monthly installment after a certain period with a view to perform Hajj.
  • Each Mudaraba Hajj account shall be opened in the name of a single person.
  • The total Savings can be used for alternative Hajj performers.
  • The minors can also open this account maintaining rules and regulations of the bank.
  • The scheme holders are entitled to a savings account at the bank.
  • The scheme holders shall get annual charge free Debit card and Credit card of the bank.
  • The account can be closed before maturity and in that case profit would be given at savings rate of the bank.


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