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Jamuna Bank Limited

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Loan information of JAMUNA BANK LIMITED
NameEducation Loan
Category Education Loan
Loan AmountMinimum 1.00 lac Maximum Tk. 10.00 lac.
RatesAs determined by the bank from to time.
Tenure1-5 years










  • Minimum       18 (Student)     35(Guarantor)
  • Maximum       40(Student)     57 (Guarantor)


  • The applicant must have (a) Chatro-Bondhu Account (EL-19) or (b) Overseas Student File or (c) Overseas Scholarship/University Acceptance.

Parents/Guardians/Guarantors Qualification:

  • Guarantor having sufficient net cash flow to deposit installments regularly. Parent/Guardian/Guarantor who are eligible shall be referred to as Guarantor.


  • Student supposed to bear (1) Tuition Fees (2) Living Cost (3) Other Educational Expenses (4) Consultants Fee (5) Visa Processing fees (6) Traveling Cost (7) Document/Other verification Fees (8) Purchase of Educational Equipments/Gadget (9) any other cost not stated above but acceptable to the bank.


Gross Monthly Income of the Customer/Guarantor should be at least Tk. 30,000/- per month. The Customer/Guarantor must have sufficient net cash flow to repay the loan installments.

Supporting Documents

Security/ Collateral:

  • Mortgage of any tangible asset having forced sale value of at least double the loan amount or Lien on financial asset having value at least equivalent to the loan amount.
  • Any other security acceptable to the bank.
  • Personal guarantee of the applicant & applicant’s spouse.
  • Third party Guarantor shall be equal to or more creditworthy than the principal applicant.
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